Leading with Emotional Intelligence

Exceptional Leadership Begins With Self-Awareness

An actionable crash course on emotional intelligence for managers who want to build better leaders and set a positive tone for their team.

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What our customers are saying

Alyssa Ferguson

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This course has already helped me become such a better leader. I'm able to connect with my employees on a whole different level and it's increased the level of creativity, productivity and trust within our team. The actionable instructions and valuable worksheets make it incredibly simple to employ everything that you learn!

Abdul Hasan

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I bought other leadership training before but they didn't do the trick. This Emotional Intelligence course from Unicorn Labs was the real deal. Of all the decisions I've made over the course of my career, it's safe to say that this purchase has been one of the best. It's transformed my leadership ability for the better and has taught me so much about how to communicate and manage different types of people.

Tassa Reyes

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Before going through the Unicorn Labs Emotional Intelligence Masterclass, I was struggling to really sync up with my team. I felt disconnected from them as their manager. After completing the Masterclass, I’ve built a strong relationship with them and I’ve noticed the team productivity has increased. This course has truly been a blessing.

What's included in the course:

Unlock your EQ at Work

We’ll teach you how to perceive, reason with, understand, and manage the emotions of yourself and others.

Leadership 360 Degree Review

Uncover how your team perceives your leadership to identify your strengths and weaknesses.

Step-by-Step Skill Building Process

We provide you a five step process to improve your self-awareness, with action items you can apply to your role and life in real-time.

Curriculum Designed for Managers

Learn how to overcome the common pitfalls preventing managers from making an impact on their team

Course Modules

Improve Your Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence is a learned skill. Fast track your skill development with our Emotional Intelligence Masterclass!

Register now for $199